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As early as the 1980s, Pierre-Alain Bardellini launched a rental service for private apartments to tourists through the Zurich tourism agency. He founded the pioneering company PABS Résidences + Appartements AG together with Werner Kopp in 1990 and was met with immediate success. In a relatively short amount of time, PABS was able to acquire a solid base of beautiful and centrally located private apartments before the housing market heated up.

From the very outset, PABS has partnered with private and professional individuals who are staying temporarily in Zurich for a certain amount of time and prefer the amenities of a private flat to the somewhat sterile atmosphere of a hotel room. Contrary to popular belief, PABS clients are not only travelling business people. PABS appeals to a broad range clients including students, scientists, diplomats or entire families who don't want to give up the comfort of home while their house is being renovated The most original client of PABS was an Italian industrialist who did not want to undergo surgery in Zurich without his grandmother staying nearby.

Today, PABS has 15 staff members who are dedicated to customer satisfaction.

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